you have just assisted in a closing on a large, commercially zoned tract of land purchased by your firm’s client. Talbott industries is a large pharmaceutical company and is planning on moving its headquarters from its present location to your city. Approximately seven thousand people will be employed at this new location once Talbott constructs its plant on the acquired property. Thus far, the only people with knowledge of these plans are the parties directly involved in the real estate closing transaction. Talbott is planning on making a public announcement after the annual meeting of its shareholders at the beginning of next month.
This afternoon, another client, jim campbell, president of campbell construction company, has an appointment with your supervising attorney to discuss a possible land acquistion. Campbell Construction Company specializes in moderately priced residential development and, at the present time, is considering the acquisition of one of three land tracts being considered is very close to the future Talbott headquarters. you know that a moderately priced residential development would be a great success in that location because of the number of new of new families that will be transferring from the present Talbott headquarters to its new location. Jim Campbell tells your supervising attorney that he is coming close to signoing a contract on one of the othewr tracts of land and he wants her to review the seller’s proposed contract. what should you do?

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