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REQUIREMENTS: Write a 4- 5 -page paper double spaced (does not need to be APA). • • • • • KEEP AT LEAST 3 FULL PAGES. Double spaced Title will not count as part of your pages This paper should flow naturally and not be in bullet format, or numbered. DON’T COPY FROM INTERNET… AND DON’T USE OUTSIDE RESOURCES BESIDES THE ONE THAT I GIVE YOU. IMPORTANT NOTE: IN ORDER TO KNOW WHAT INTERSECTIONALITY IN SOCIOLOGY MEANS YOU NEED TO DO YOUR RESEARCH; IN THAT WAY YOU CAN DO THIS ASSIGMENT. Now I want you to discuss the following in your paper: 1. Look at Race in America: • • How do you feel that we would be better off, if everyone understood what Intersectionality was and how it impacts our environments. Do you think it would make a difference? If so, how? If not, why? • Does it help you to better understand some individuals more? 2. Look at the 14th Amendment: https://constitutioncenter.org/interactiveconstitution/amendment/amendment-xiv (Links to an external site.) • • • • After watching the video’s and reading what the 14th Amendment is, how does this affect you? What do YOU think we are doing right? What do you think we as a Nation need to improve? Who can help with those improvements?

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