This is a hard one for me, any help would be appreciated.. Attached is what I need to have done in a power point presentation..10-15 slides100-150 words per slidetitle slide and reference slideand minimum 4 referencesInstructionFor your course project, you will prepare an election campaign commercial for a philosopher-president for the United States of America. Examine issues that face America today and consider which philosopher you studied in this course would be most ?t to mle this country. Would your candidate ?t into one ofthe existing parties (Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, etc.) or would a new category need to be made? How would hefshe address the hot topics in politics(healthcare, unemployment, education, abortion, war on drug, war in the Middle East, etc)? Address at least 5 major topics explaining your candidate’s position and how thatposition will bene?t America. Finally, create a slogan that the public will remember. ResearchConduct research in the library and online to locate material that to support your assertions. Enclude information from at least two [2) library resources and two (2) online Iresources. Presentation Create a PowerPoint presentation that will serve as your candidate‘s campaign commercial, perhaps one that would be posted on YouTube or a social media site. Use bulletpoints with short phrases to highlight your points. Then use the notes area in PowerPoint (see screen shot below) to detail your ideas in complete sentences. Incorporateimages and e?ects as appropriate. Remember, you must convey what your selected philosopher would believe about the issues. Plus, you want your philosopher to win, so make sure your campaign is powerfuland persuasive. .. . . . – – – , .. Click to add title Click to add subtltle Ick to add notes Presentation Requirements – 10—15 slides, not including title and references slides – 100—150 words per slide (in notes area) – Include a title slide and references slide – References (at least 2 library resources and 2 online resources)

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