Hoolie is a (fictional) big data company which profits from novel insights gained from user’s personal data. Suppose that Hoolie is (magically) able to ensure that all user data is completely anonymized.

Set out the best argument you can that Hoolie has a right to profit from these insights because it owns the anonymized data.* Then set out and evaluate the objection based on Floridi’s account of personal data which Sax raises for this argument (i.e., the objection in the ‘Divisibility of personal data’ section pp. 29-30 of his article).

* You should use either the finders-keepers picture Sax sets out (pp.27-29 of his article) or the Lockean picture from the written lectures. Technically you could make up your own argument, but why make the task harder / riskier than it needs to be?1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Survey: Unit 4: Peer review Unit 4: Peer review ! This is a preview of the published version of the quiz Started: Mar 27 at 12:22pm Quiz Instructions I will periodically check for new submissions of the essay assignment for this unit. Once you have submitted your essay, you will receive 2 things from me via email: 1. Another student’s Essay 2. The access code to complete this peer-review assignment Please read over their essay carefully (at least twice) and then answer these questions. The answers you give will affect the other student’s grade on the assignment and will be the main form of feedback they receive. Therefore, it is essential that you be thoughtful, honest, and clear in your feedback. There is no curve for these assignments. Therefore, there is no

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