Hoolie is a (fictional) big data company which profits from novel insights gained from user’s personal data. Suppose that Hoolie is (magically) able to ensure that all user data is completely anonymized.

Set out the best argument you can that Hoolie has a right to profit from these insights because it owns the anonymized data.* Then set out and evaluate the objection based on Floridi’s account of personal data which Sax raises for this argument (i.e., the objection in the ‘Divisibility of personal data’ section pp. 29-30 of his article).

* You should use either the finders-keepers picture Sax sets out (pp.27-29 of his article) or the Lockean picture from the written lectures. Technically you could make up your own argument, but why make the task harder / riskier than it needs to be?Here is the usual video introducing what you should cover: attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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Very rough draft: Do not circulate Background v.0.0.2 Intro Data 1 1 2 2 4 5 5 6 7 8 ?? 8 Facts Representations of facts Personal data Natural persons Linkability Algorithms Adam’s aFendance algorithm Databases Data mining Main Questions (Q1) When may an ethical company profit from the use of personal data? 9 (Q2) Harms of informational privacy violation 10 (Q3) Responsibility 10 1 Intro We’re going to talk about topics that cut across a wide range of disciplines. That means we need to be familiar with a bunch of different concepts. Here’s a very rough and very quick overview of some of them. I’ll then outline the questions we will seek to answer. 2 Data Much of what we’ll discuss revolves around the use of data. So, what’s data? Very roughly, a piece of data (a datum) is a piece of information or a representation of a (purported) fact. If we’re being careful, we’ll say that data is information or a 4/13/21 1 Very rough draft: Do not circulate representation of a

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