I loved how you wrote my first essay, so I am back! Can you write another persuasive essay. I will attach two links that you can choose from whichever is more interesting or easier for you. 1. 2.
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8:35 < Back Course Syllabus SOCIAL & POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY – 3 Syllabus Summary . Explanation: This category concerns how well a student is able to explain to the reader (me) the relevant theory/ theories that are being employed and how they relate to the topic of the paper. o 1 Point: The student’s paper made no sense and they clearly did not try. o 2 Points: The student attempted to make sense of the theory but there were serious misunderstanding that clearly shows the student did not understand the material. o 3 Points: The student has an introductory understanding of the material and showcased it in the paper, but there was room for more explanation or the explanation offered was not fully on point. o 4 Points: The student effectively explained the theory/ theories used. o 5 Points: Not only did the student effectively understand the

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