Philosophy Questions


Based on your perspective about what the true knowledge is, answer the following questions:1. Have you ever mistakenly believed that you really knew a friend?  How did you realize you did not know them?2. Have you ever been wrong to believe that you really knew a friend? How did you realize you did not know him/her?3. When can you say that you know a friend?4. When you say you know a friend, what do you think you know about that person? 5. Is it the same to believe and to know?6. Do you believe in friendship? What makes you believe in it?7. When you think you know someone, how do you know that what you believe is true?8. When you take something as true, do you have reason to believe in it?9.Sometimes one of your beliefs has become knowledge?, how has this happened?10. What does true friendship mean to you?                                                                   

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