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Arts 145 OL1-OL2 Project 4 Music What makes a great record design? Most of the lists of “Best Album Cover” are closely associated with critically acclaimed albums. You don’t need a good cover design if the music is good. But the cover often gets associated with the great music and becomes a great cover design. Sometimes the cover and the record are both recognized for pushing artistic boundaries. THE LIFE OF PABLO THE LIFE OF PABLO THE LIFE OF PABLO TPELICE OC PABLO PABLO THE PABLO ULTRA BEEF TURN MAIL TE GRLS HOME FEAR CENTER 21 POOR LANGER THERENT ANITIME COPIES END LUBE GOD HOCK VIDEO wat TEST CHECK NO SCREEN EXEMBRE SEPP PABLO THE LIFE OF ONEY BEARS COLLISION VOR COLOR ARMED PHOTO MEAL OIL PLAYERS WHICH ONE WHICHTONE WHICH ONE WHICH ONE WHICH ONE WHICH ONE WHICHY ONE WHICH ONE WUCHONE WHICH /ONE MIT BY CONUT POOL ENTER ADA LES VILT SANNING FINE LOSS SALE COINS LOW DDECH IONE ALONS ICH ONE 25 AID USED TAURONT TO CAMBERGE ONL) ILY ANTI SECURIT Which record do I design for? This is the big question. You can either choose one yourself, or have a friend choose for you. It can be better having someone else give you the song/album so it isn’t so personal to you. Decide quickly. Do not deviate once it’s decided. Whether you like the music or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is how it makes you feel Include the original design in your presentation. Listen to the music over and over and over. What visuals come to mind? Design the cover Project Purpose. To let your creativity loose. To create something personal. To use the design process to create art. Important You can use found imagery, but it needs to be changed in some way. It is not OK to take a portrait of the artist and simply add the title. Include all original source imagery. The song title and artist name must appear in the design. Past examples ASSUME FORM Ich TURISMO, JAMES BLAKE TA CLOSE CTRL g B a * VZS Gran Turismo v PLAYING FROM ALBUM Gran Turismo ALBUM Gran Turismo By Curreny, Statik Selektah 2019.10 songs, 27 min PLAY TITLE © GRAN TURISMO 1 Theme Music 2:46 Gran Turismo 2 Clear (part 2) (feat. Jadakiss) -… DIOCI 2:21 Album by Currensy, Statik Selektah – 2019 3 Nothin Now (feat. Wiz Khalifa… Cuci 3:42 4 ♡ At Night (feat. Jim Jones & Hai… Le 3:06 SHUFFLE PLAY 5 ♡ Dirty World 2:16 Download Theme Music Curren$y, Statik Selektah ♡ Nothin Less (feat. YBN Cordae… DRECIT 3:04 7 ♡ Gran Turismo (feat. Termanolo… DICIT 3:22 Theme Music Currensy, Statik Selektah 0:12 2:45 8 Friend or Foe 2:45 X K II T 9 Outside 1:56 Clear (part 2) (feat. Jadakiss) Currenøy, Statik Selektah, Jadakiss 10 Forever 2:25 A Theme Music . Curransy. Statik Selektah 11 「回 28 2019 Jet Life / Showoff Records / EMPIRE 1 MORE RELEASE n Q IN Your Library Home Search For this piece she first designed the graphic, then etched it into a mirror, and finally placed it on a leather jacket and photographed it. She was in total control of every aspect of this design. It’s the best i’ve seen…yet. Non Format Non- martre ANTI Miss < h3> Non-Format. This studio does interesting and experimental work in music packaging. Click the image to look at their site 사스 e du ON WAM . WE DELPHI Sed Due April 16

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