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IDS 410 – Business Database Technology Summer 2021 Individual Assignment #3 (Creating a Physical Database) Physical Database for an Online Store that Sells Digital Products Assigned Date: Monday, July 12, 2021 Due: Submit your solution files (two files) on Blackboard by 11:59PM on Monday, July 19, 2021. Problem Statement For this assignment, you need to use a relational schema for an online store database, which I have included on the last page. This relational schema has eight logically related relations (tables). Your tasks are as follows: 1. Create a new and empty Microsoft ACCESS database file. Use your UIC Netid as the name of this database file. That is, if your UIC email address is yourNetid@uic.edu, you should name your database file yourNetid. Note that ACCESS will automatically append a file type accdb. Thus, for this example, the complete name of your database file would be yourNetid.accdb. This database file initially has no tables. You will then need to follow steps 2-4 below to create eight tables. 2. For each relation (table) in the relational schema, using Microsoft ACCESS, you need to run a CREATE TABLE statement that will create a table in your new database file. For example, to create Customer and CreditCard tables (see the relational schema on the last page), you need to run, one at a time, each of the following CREATE TABLE statements (use your judgment to specify an appropriate data type for each column). Create Table ( Customer_ID Name Address Primary Key ); Customer Create Table ( CC_No FullName ExpiryDate Verif_Code CardType Cust_ID Primary Key Foreign Key ); CreditCard AutoIncrement Not Null, Varchar(40) Not Null, Varchar(40), (Customer_ID) VarChar(16) Not Null, VarChar (40) Not Null, Date Not Null, int, VarChar (18) Not Null, long, (CC_No), (Cust_ID) References Customer (Customer_ID) After you run both above CREATE TABLE statements in Microsoft ACCESS, you should see that the Customer and CreditCard tables are created in your database file. Important: for each CREATE TABLE statement, you need to copy the statement and paste it into a text file. Name this text file yourNetid.txt, where yourNetid is your UIC Netid. 3. Since there are eight relations (tables) in the relational schema, you need to repeat six more CREATE TABLE statements, one for each of the remaining six relations (tables). Be sure to copy each of the create table statement into yourNetid.txt file. Thus, after creating the last table, you should have eight tables in your database file. Moreover, you should have eight CREATE TABLE statements in yourNetid.txt file. Once you have created those eight tables in your database file, click the Database Tools ribbon tab and then click the Relationships button. At this point, you should see that behind the scenes, Microsoft Access has automatically created a new relational schema based on these eight new tables. 4. Be sure to save both your database file and your text file. You need to submit both files to the Blackboard by the due date. Note: • Use your judgment to specify an appropriate data type for each field (column). • Be sure to specify a primary key, either simple or composite primary key, for each table. • Be sure that the data type of a foreign key is the same as that of its corresponding primary key. • You do not need to enter any sample data to your tables.

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