us insight into the extent of glacial ice when the moraines were formed. Other landforms can give us insight into the glacial ice direction. Examine the distribution of drumlins in the Physiography layer. The long axes of the drumlins are formed parallel to the direction of glacial ice movement. Using the moraine and drumlin characteristics we should be able to determine what direction the glacial ice was moving when these features were formed. Ask your TA for assistance if you are uncertain. Section Three Open the third Google Earth file ‘Lab 3 Locations Section 3′, there are series of locations labeled Bla to Blc. Display the surficial materials layer in Google Earth. Leave the point and linear features activated. You should note that at the BL locations the boundaries of the features (polygons) do not appear similar to the other boundaries that are typical in this layer. There are some questions on these features. Section 1, Q1. Navigate to Locations 1 to 6. Complete the table below. Type(s) of Location Surficial Materials 1 2 3 4 5 6 Physiographic Feature(s) Approximate Time of Deglaciation (12 marks) Permeability Q2. For each of the six locations above provide a statement that describe the local terrain (topography) and any important surface drainage conditions that reflect the surface materials and topography. (6 marks) Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Location 4 Location 5 Location 6 Q3. South of Location 2 there is a land use activity that has disturbed the surface, what is that activity and why is it being undertaken at that location? (1 mark) Q4. Examine the area around Location 6 – Zoom in! There are a series of drainage ditches across the area to support agriculture. Why is it necessary to construct these ditches? Explain by referring to the surficial materials and their properties and the terrain. (2 marks) Section 2, Q5. Navigate to the Moraines listed below and complete the table. (14 marks) Moraine Paris Type(s) of Surficial Materials Type of Moraine Approximate Time of Deglaciation Galt Wyoming Williscroft Banks Orangeville Oak Ridges Dummer Q6. Consider the Orangeville and Galt moraines. Which of these two moraine was formed last? (1 mark) Section 3 Q7. Navigate to t

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