Surface mine (stripe mine) in northern New Mexico, from which bitominous coal is being extracted. Note the sill, sedimentary rocks, fossils, whole-rock data, and fault. a. What is the relative age of the sedimentary rocks in this rock exposure? Explain. 2 b. What is the absolute age of the sill (see top right corner of Fig. 2)? Explain. Hint: the half-life of 235U is 703.8 million years. Absolute age = half life * % daughter product (in decimal form) * 2 c. Explain the geologic history of this region, starting with the deposit of the sandstone and ending with the time this picture was taken. Use names of relative ages of geologic time and absolute ages in your explanation. Exercise 2: Radiometric age dating 2A. Use the decay curve below and answer the following questions. 3 Figure 3- Radiometric decay curve a. Approximately what percentage of parent isotopes remains after 2 half-lives have passed? b. If a rock initially contained 10 milligrams of a radioactive parent when it first crystallized, how much remains after 3 half-lives? c. If a mineral contains 12.5% of its original parent isotopes, how many half-lives have passed? d. Approximately what percentage of daughter isotopes exists after 2 half-lives have passed? 2B. Zircon collected from a granite outcrop were analyzed and found that it had 25% uranium and 75% lead. Using figure 3, and given that one half-life is 703.8 million years, how old is the rock sample? 2C. your rock sample’s parent iso

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