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Subject: Physics and Natural Sciences Number of sources: 2 Style: APA 1) The particle moves along the positive X-axis, hence its velocity varies as V=α√𝑥, where α is a positive constant. Assuming that at the moment t=0 the particle was located at the point х=0, please find: a) how does velocity and acceleration of the particle depend on time / (time dependence of velocity and acceleration of the particle); b) the average velocity of the particle during the time it runs the first S meters along its path. 2) A thin half-ring with the radius of R=20cm is uniformly charged with the charge of q=0,7 nC. Find the magnitude of the electric field strength at the center of curvature of this halfring. 3) For this 275-word assignment, you will write a summary of a mission to a terrestrial world that has happened since 2000. To do this, you will need to do a little bit of research about a mission to Mercury, Venus, Mars, or the Moon. You should pick the terrestrial world that interests you most so it will be easier to write. In your summary, include general information about the mission goals and instruments as well as some of the more interesting scientific results. Be sure to cite/reference where you get your information (at least 2 reputable sources).

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