Watch the 1.00-sec video below.  Take notes. This ride achieves a speed of 62 miles per hour.

Initial Post 

How long does it take for the ride to fall from rest based on the video time located in the lower left of the youtube video? Is the Gyro Drop truly a free-fall ride?  Explain your answer with great detail and show the steps of any math calculations.

Next, watch the 42-second video below. In this video (right side of split-screen) you will see a fake video of the Gyro Drop that went viral and on the left side of the split-screen the actual Gyro Drop ride that you have already observed above. Are the riders in the fake video ever in free fall? If so, describe when and how you know. Show the steps for any math performed.

Reply to a Classmate ( There will be two responses, which I will send later after my classmates respond.)

In a reply to a classmate who doesn’t have a reply yet, provide any corrections to their explanation needed. If they did everything correctly identify what they did the best and explain why it was particularly good. Did it help your learning? Explain.  Search the web and try to find another example video (less than 2 minutes long) of something in freefall. Describe how we know the object in the video is in free fall and provide a link to the video. 

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