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This is a pick you pack story meaning you will be able to decide how the story will play out. Throughout the story there will be buttons and images that the user will have to click. Button Button 8th Grade Begin Wake Up Snooze It 5am and your alarm goes off. Your tired and don’t want to wake up but the school bus arrives at 6:30am. You let out a sigh and then get out of bed. Still half asleep Y Cereal Pierogies Eggs You hit the snooze on your phone but end up hitting the stop button on the phone. Next after an hour goes by your mother walks in to wake you up (you have 30 min before the bus arrives) You quickly take a shower and get changed. You head down to the kitchen and eat a small bowl of serial and the brush your teeth. Next Cereal You open the pantry and grab the box of Frosted Flakes Next Pierogies You open the freezer and grab th

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