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  1. Summarize the research background
  2. Write the research question.
  3. Write the research hypothesis
  4. Describe how they collected the data
  5. Identify the Independent and Dependent variables

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Data Nuggets developed by Michigan State University fellows in the NSF BEACON and GK-12 programs The case of the collapsing soil Featured scientists: John Kominoski and Shelby Servais from Florida International University Research Background: As winds blow through the large expanses of grass in the Florida Everglades, it looks like flowing water. This “river of grass” is home to a wide diversity of plants and animals, including both the American Alligator and the American Crocodile. The Everglades ecosystem is the largest subtropical wetland in North America. One third of Floridians rely on the Everglades for water. Unfortunately, this iconic wetland is threatened by rising sea levels caused by climate change. Sea level rise is caused by higher global temperatures leading to thermal expansion of water, land-ice melt, and changes in

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