I should never have thrown the chain letter away. The letter clearly warned me that if I did, I would have one day of bad luck. I did not believe it, so I threw the silly piece of paper in the garbage. I thought the friend who sent me the letter was just a superstitious fool. Letters do not bring you luck. You make your own! That night, however, as I fell asleep, I had the uncomfortable feeling that something was not quite right. When I woke up the next morning, I was surprised to find that I had overslept and would be late for work.
As I rushed down the stairs to eat a quick breakfast, I tripped over my bag and spilled glassofwateronthepileofdocuments, whichI should have presentedat the meetingthat morning. Because themeetingwasabouttobegin, Irushedto getmycaranddriveto the officeveryquickly. However, bad luck happened to me again; my car was covered by snow from last night, so I needed to take time to make them melt. On my way to work, I decided to take a shortcut through an old part of town. I drove to an old rough road which people rarely use daily. However, when I was very close to my office, I noticed there was an accident in the front of my car.
Suddenly, I heard a noisy police car and people tried to change to another lane, and I was stuck in a traffic jam. After a while, I finally arrived at work. When I arrived at work, I found a note on my desk from my boss. She wanted to see me right away. I took a deep breath and walked into her office. As I stepped inside, I noticed a scowl on her face. Of course, she scolded me for arriving late and for not preparing well for the meeting. She had had to start the meeting without any help. Because of her rage, I was received a warning letter. At 5 PM, I left my office and went home feeling very tired and disappointed.
Finally, after a long and difficult day, I returned home to find that my air conditioner was broken. I could not take it anymore! It had been the worst day of my life, and I did not want anything else to happen. I rushed to the garbage can and dug around for the chain letter I had thrown away the day before. It was covered with coffee grounds and potato peels, but I could still read the words: “Send ten copies of this letter to your friends and you will have good luck for a year. ” I sat down at the kitchen table and began to make copies for ten of my friends. They could take their chances, but I was not going to have any more bad luck!

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