WORKSHEET TOTAL POINTS: 100 SECTION 1: COMPLETE THIS PORTION DURING/AFTER VIEWING THE SHORT FILM CLIP ( 1. What do you think of the idea of Playpumps? (10 points) 2. What do you think of the idea of using billboards to help pay for their upkeep? (10 points) 3. What were the intended impacts of Playpumps on women and girls? (10 points) 4. What was the Case Foundation’s goal for playpumps by 2010? (10 points) 5. What sort of evaluation/testing do you think would have been undertaken before creating this expansion plan? (10 points) SECTION 2: “POST MORTEM” ( Also read the article from “The Guardian”. 1. What were some of the challenges that were found after the pumps were installed? (20 points) 2. What lessons can be learned from this case study? What most surprised you about this case study? Do you think that the problems that were eventually found could have been identified at the outset of the initiative? (30 points)

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