I’m working on a film multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

here is a link to the movie: https://hermes.csusm.edu/Mediasite/Channel/05d1404…

choose 3 to answer.

1. The Circle has the motif or theme of the circle – how do we see this in the film and what does it represent? Be specific. For instance, the circle can be found thematically, in the plot structure, through camera movement, and other instances.

2. The director Panahi has stated that he is concerned with the restrictions that all humanity lives within. How are men and women restricted in the film? How do men try to help the women even though they are restricted?

3. Wedding parties in cars are featured in several scenes. Why do you think that is, and how do the women in the scenes react to them?

4. The film has many neorealist forms (listed extensively in the video lecture). What are some of them and how are they used in The Circle to support the meaning, feeling and messages of the film? Identify the neorealism form specifically in the film, and why you think it is used.

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