Question Description

You have reached the end of this course. Many of you took this course as part of your concentration in project management while others took it as an elective. Project management as a profession is not a “one size fits all” type of position. Looking forward, you might find that a particular project management niche or focus would suit you best.

Based on what you have learned in this course and your exploration of Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications, think about how you would describe your future dream job. Then please answer the following questions.

  • Of the certifications available through PMI, which ones interest you and why? PMP Certification is the one that interests me
  • Which would best support your current position or future career goals? my future goal is to become an event planner and own my on venue
  • How does what you have learned in this course support your current position or the position you hope to attain?

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