“The Fairness of the Court System” Please respond to the following:

  • Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from this section, address the following:
    • Identify one or two impediments that may prevent an average citizen from receiving a fair trial in the U.S. Then, determine at least one policy that could prevent unfair trials in the U.S. court system.



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U.S. Government POL 110 The Bureaucracy Topics • Today’s federal bureaucracy • How federal bureaucrats are recruited • Congressional oversight of the bureaucracy • How bureaucrats can hinder policymaking Today’s Bureaucracy • Congress and the president share political power over it • The patronage system and civil service reform • The New Deal and World War II • Discretionary authority • The four factors explaining bureaucrats’ behavior Today’s Bureaucracy, Continued • • • • • Patronage system The Pendleton Act New Deal World War II Discretionary Authority How Bureaucrats Are Recruited • • • • • • The meritocracy that is civil service Competitive and excepted service Bureaucrats’ personal attributes Their roles and missions The constraints imposed upon them The external forces that affect their decisions PROPERTIES On passing, ‘Finish

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