Leadership is the definitive factor in any organization whether public or private.  Since public managers deal with a vast diverse base of people who have different beliefs, convictions, and ideologies, they require a certain specific skillset to enable execute their roles effectively and with utmost efficiency. Therefore, it becomes critically important to inculcate these interpersonal skills by effective public administrators.  This is because the most important role of public administration is being able to organize and galvanize people and available resources around a given agenda to be able to realize or achieve the focused goals and aspirations. This organizing of people and resources require skillful administrators who can not only inspire people in taking action but also is good at communication with the several stakeholders, is useful in collaboration among other central skills. The skills underlie the fact that public administration is without no doubt an amalgamation of theoretical concepts with the practical application of those concepts. These two are mutually dependent on each other. This paper, therefore, uses the case study of Red Flag Gun Law which was recently enacted by North Carolina to evaluate and analyze critical leadership theories and skills relevant in public administration in a local government.

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