Position Paper. Please write with a professional independent leaning.


In this new era of globalization and integrated societies, the importance of embracing and emphasizing on collaboration in public leadership and management cannot be overstated. Broadly defined, a public leadership style that embraces collaboration among different sectors and actors is the one that can inspire action and thought among the many diverse stakeholders to be able to achieve common agenda and goals which are shared by them all. In this model of leadership, leaders inspire their subordinates into taking steps that will lead to the eventual realization of those goals. Additionally, collaborative leadership also calls for collaborations with other like-minded partners and players even from another field or discipline to be able to achieve one’s intended goal(s). Therefore, it is prudent to note that collaborative leaders are always conscious and aware of their need to inspire and influence other people or even work systems that are not even within their administrative jurisdiction. This paper therefore discusses and critically explores some of the important skills and capabilities that can be used by public leaders and Statesmen for collaborative and effective inter-governmental relations and management.

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