Political Science Religion; Research Paper

InstructionsWrite a 3-4 page paper on an interview with somone over the age of 65. The individual’s ethnic or religious affiliation should be different from yours but if not then use who you can find. Create and ask 5 questions. (Example– What would you like to tell me about being over the age of 65? What has changed as you aged past 60?). 
Interview Paper Outline:
Introduction: Broad overview of the paper Conclude the intro with the purpose of the paper (purpose statement/thesis statement).
Interview: Give some information about the person you will be interviewing. Do not reveal the person’s name- make up aname to use. Give information about the interviewee- How old are they, how do you know them, what are their living arrangements (do they live independently or are they living in a long term care facility)
I would like to see your interview in narrative form. Do not list out questions and answers. Ex. When asked if she liked living in the longterm care center, Mrs. Sally let me know that she hates it here and she wisrs she could live in her house. During the interview, it was later mentioned that Mrs. Sally has health issues that make living alone dangerous. Instead of Me: Do you like living in the long term care center? Mrs. Sally- No I want to live at my house. I hate it here.
Application: 1.) What issues from our book or lectures relate to the ssubject of your interview? 2.) Could the subject of your interview benefit of your interview? 3.) How has this class impacted your view of aging?
Conclusion: Restate the purpose of the paper in the conclusion. The conclusion should provide the reader with an overview of what the paper discussed.

However, you are welcome to use different questions:1.) How did your parents raise you in comparsion to the ways kids are raised today?2.) How has a woman’s role changed over the span of your lifetime?3.) How has technology changed things, and is it for better or worse?4.) How did you meet your spouse?5.) How has food changed? What is your favorite kind of food?6.) Is there anything that you would go back and do differently?7.) What did you like to do for fun when you were growing up?8.) Have you traveled to any foreign countries?9.) What was the first movie tou ever saw in a theater? What is your favorite movie?10.) What is your favorite song? What music did you listen to growing up?11.) What was school like for you?12.) How much did you pay for gasoline when you first started driving?13.) Did you have things like electricity, indoor plumbng, and television when you were growing up?14.) What is the worst world disaster that happened in you lifetime?15.) What is the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?16.) What type of jobs did you have? What was your favorite job yo

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