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Cooper, Kameron (Student) 7:43 PM 10/27/2021 0 QW ASE LRA 7.docx Word Cooper, Kameron (Student) File Home Insert Design Layout References Mailings Review View Help Acrobat Tell me what you want to do Share MAT 205 Fall 2021 LRA 7 3. For the below scatter plots, answer the questions below. name date 250 Shoe size 200 150 Swingers 11 1. a. The table to the left weight shows current NBA players’ shoe size and weight. Use the data to create a 208 scatter plot. Shoe size should be your 220 x-axis. Use graph paper or excel or another tool to make the graph. 180 12 wie w Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 13 13 200 a. Which data set appears to show a positive linear relationship between its two variables? 13 14 230 b. From looking at your scatter plot, 197 describe the relationship that might exist between the player’s shoe size 210 and the

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