Your chapter and readings this week allow you to view slightly different aspects of the difference class or socioeconomic position make in our society. Annette Lareau looks at the connections between socioeconomic position (SEP) and activities, certain quality of life issues, and probability of success. Dunham’s does your neighborhood… describes quality of life issues differently, as a matter of health and survival. Both are accurate portrayals that together help us look at the systemic effect of poverty. These articles also let us see how poverty can be cyclical and how people can become trapped and unable to change their social and economic standing or come to see themselves that way.
Considering these two articles, what have you learned about the way in which poverty and class challenge low-wage-earner families and contribute to barriers that children from these families may face?
What are some of the differences in the exposures and experiences between children in the income groups? How might people who work in human services and education (or perhaps even society in general) help erase the gaps that can contribute to the unequal futures of children from the different classes?
Explanation & Answer length: 300 Words

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