Power-Point Submission
In addition to the written report each team/individual will prepare a POWER POINT presentation. Assume this presentation will be displayed for a team of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and directors of the Business you selected that may be in attendance to assist in the evaluation of your plan. So, be concise! The power-point document must be submitted in the Power-Point assignment drop-box. Make sure to review the PowerPoint guideline and Power-Point rubric when preparing the Power-Point. Remember, if working in a group only ONE team member should submit this assignment.
You Do Not Need to check the project power-point presentation in Turnitin.  
The PowerPoint should include:
Road Map Slide: This is an outline of presentation coverage.
Content Accuracy: All content throughout the presentation is accurate and includes the relevant sections the report. There are no factual errors.
Sequencing of Information: Information is organized in a clear, and logical way following the project report. It is easy to anticipate the next slide.
Effectiveness: Project includes all material needed to give a good understanding of the topic. The project is consistent with the driving question.
Slide Transitions: Transitions are smooth and interesting. Transitions enhance the presentation.
Pictures, Clip Art & Background: Images are appropriate. Layout of images are clear and pleasing to the eye.
Mechanics: No spelling errors. No grammar errors. Text is in authors’ own words.
Technology Connection: Comprehensive use of technology is apparent.
Use of APA 7ed Professional style: Comprehensive use of APA guidelines including appropriate references.
Conclusions and Recommendations: Include Conclusions and Recommendations

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