My teacher has given me a couple of articles that I need to read. I have already started and I have five more. What he wants me to do is read these articles (in English) and then include the key points on the power point. What he wants me to include is:

– Information on the subjects (very general like the amount, gender, age) and the tests/questionnaires used.
– Protocol
– Results
– Conclusion
– Limitations

The subjects of these articles are on migraines. However, the slides need to be written in french.

when i assign the paper i will attache two examples of what is being asked of me. For the 6th slide, I am supposed to circle the element that are used to explain the reason for the migraine. If there is no explanation, then you can leave question marks.

Below i have attached the articles choose one and write the slides according to the instructions above.

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Summary Discomfort glare conditions were generated in an experimental viewing cubicle supplied with a variable luminance glare source operated by a manually controlled dimmer. Repeated settings of the four IES discomfort glare criteria were made by forty-one volunteer subjects all of whom were recruited from three different industries and a wide range of employment categories. At the end of twenty days of practice large differences in the settings were found between subjects for each glare criterion and certain differences emerged between each of the three groups. This wide variation is consistent with other studies on sensory discomfort.

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