Need an argumentative essay on Making Practice Theory Practicable. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.Ways through which the Authors Linked Theory to Practice in the Article.Through different boundaries, for example national, international or regional boundaries, consumption patterns have been qualified and quantified for various kinds of resources and categories and in relation to environmental impacts (Sahakian & Wilhite 2014). The authors link theory to practice in the article through various ways. First, they link the two through routine and habits in social norms or practices. From this perspective the most concern is how to reshape dispositions in moving to a more sustainable society (Campell 2012). Habits in this case are defined as practices that are recurrent and consistent as produced by suitably committed practitioners. The authors in using habit to link theory and practice use a number of empirical examples. First the authors consider an example of consumption of bottled water in London restaurants.Contrary to meat and dairy products, bottled water is considered as one of the most insignificant contributor to environmental harm in the food and beverage consumption category (Sahakian & Wilhite 2014). According to the article, bottled water ranked 20th in a study of five hundred categories in relation to environmental impact. In 2007, the mayor of London and Thames Water launched a campaign called London on Tap campaign to promote consumption of tap water provided by local utility company.

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