Watch the videos below and select 4 to write about. Write 5 significant things that you learned about each work of art or architecture. For example: What was the subject matter? What was its purpose/function? How was it a reflection of the culture that made it? What was the historical context? Make sure to identify the title of the video and respond with 5-7 full sentences in paragraph form. Convey the most essential information in an objective manner (each video response is worth 5 points).

All 13 videos are about works listed on your study guide and there will be questions about them on your first exam. All works on the study guide are also covered in your book but these short videos are very informative.

1. Lion Man (Human with feline head) (Links to an external site.)

2. Venus of Willendorf (Links to an external site.)

3. Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites (Links to an external site.)

4. Standing Male Worshiper (Tell Asmar) (Links to an external site.)

5. Standard of Ur (Links to an external site.)

6. Victory Stele of Naram-Sin (Links to an external site.)

7. Law Code Stele of Hammurabi (Links to an external site.)

8. Ishtar Gate (Links to an external site.)

9. Lamassu from the Citadel of Saragon (Links to an external site.)

10. Seated Scribe (Links to an external site.)

11. Hunefer’s Judgement in the presence of Osiris (Links to an external site.)

12. House Altar depicting Akehnaten, Nefertiti, and Three of their Daughters (Links to an external site.)

13. Thutmose, Model Bust of Queen Nefertiti (Links to an external site.)

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