The purpose of this exercise is analyze employment conditions to determine related health outcomes.  Use your check sheet, text and course material to analyze a workplace.  In 500-700 words, (2-3 pages) (spacing is up to you) research and analyze a worksite and the impact on short and long-term health and health outcomes. Referencing your employment checksheet, and assigned materials, respond to the following:1.    How does this worksite affect the health and well-being of employees? 2.    What are the predicted health outcomes of this worksite? Include psychosocial aspects, working conditions, stress, commute and other relevant factors. (Do NOT use instructions as a checksheet! Study course materials, then respond with  relevant analysis, evidence and examples!)3.    Apply one of the two main explanatory workplace models (discussed in text and slides), to describe the relationship between health and the place of work.4.    How does this worksite affect health habits, such as eating and physical activity?  Commute time, active transportation, hours, shift work, compensation, workplace culture, social networks are just a few the workplace health influences. Discuss a couple of the most relevant to your specific work.5.    How do gender and/or educational attainment impact the opportunities, stress-level and working conditions in your worksite?6.     Using the results of this assessment and the class materials, identify three recommendations to improve the environment of this workplace or to improve health outcomes of those unemployed. Cite the evidence for these improvements, APA style.

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