Unit III Assignment
SP 1010, Fundamentals of Speech Communication 2
Presentation Analysis Critique
In Unit II, you practiced identifying strengths and areas for improvement on a designated oral presentation in preparation for
this unit’s assignment.
For Unit III, you will view a speech on the Internet and complete the Presentation Analysis Critique template attached here.
You may choose your own speech to critique using the Internet. Please provide the link to the speech.
Complete this document as if you were going to share it with the speaker. Your feedback should be specific and
professional so that the speaker could use it in order to improve. Be sure to include specific suggestions to help the

Presentation Analysis Critique Template:

Date: _______________________________________
Presentation Title: _____________________________
Presenter: ____________________________________

Section 1: Beginning, Introduction
Initial attention:
Thesis statement, topic clarity:
Relevance to audience:

Section 2: Support, Body, Middle
Accurate, vivid supporting details:
Use of language:
Use of pauses, word choice, voice speed:

Section 3: End, Conclusion, Closing
Strength of conclusion:
Signal of closure, transition, warning:
Summary of objectives, main points:

Details of Presentation:
Relaxed and comfortable start:
Initial eye contact:
Any tics, habits, manifestations of nervousness (body language or voice):
If visual aids are used: effectiveness, handling, etc.:
Conclusion: pauses, eye contact, voice, departure from podium or screen:

Evaluation of the whole:
Effectiveness of speech:
Audience handling and response:
Two strengths:
Two things that can be improved:

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