As described in the Module 7 Power Point Presentation, Criminologist Gwynn Nettler outlined all terrorism shares six characteristics: 1.No Rules-No moral limitations on the type or degree of violence that terrorists can use.2.No Innocents-No Respecter of persons; from soldiers to children:all are game  3. Economy-Kill one,frighten 10,000 4. Publicity-Terrorists seek publicity,and publicity encourages terroism.5. Meaning-Terrorists acts give meaning and significance to lives of terrorists 6.No Clarity-Beyond the immediate aim of destructive acts,the long-term goals of terrorists  are likely to be poor conceived or impossible to implement.Terroism that succeeds escalates.The last seven slides of the Module 7 Power Point presentation depicted the following case studies of actual terrorists or extremist type events.Select one of these case studies,do further research on it and complete a 2-page essay discussing the application of these six characteristics in the event you select.In addition,the student will state if the chosen event was a Domestic or International event and why it is so.Students must include a minimum of two references,one from being from an outside,Grantham University source.Please be very sensitive to the issues of plagiarism.You are expected to provide some evidence that at least a significant portion of the each qyestion is your own reaction to,thought about,or evaluation of the subject of the essay,composed in your own words.1.Ramzi Yousef 1993 World Trade Center.2.Beirut,Lebanon vehicle bombing of the Marine barracks.3.Ruby Ridge. 4.Oklahoma City Murray Federal Building Bombing.5.Theodore Kaczynski letter bombs.6.Waco Siege.7.Lockerbie PAN AM Flight 103 bombing This is for my Criminal Jusice class