– The purpose of this presentation is to become more aware of events here in United States and abroad, discussed in the media, that pertain to any of the five religions we are studying. (Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism)

– It will also help you make critical judgments about the accuracy of media accounts including
those on the web.

– Finally, it will help you articulate this information orally.

– What you do:

1. Choose a current issue from a newspaper, magazine, website, and/or video.
You are looking for something controversial. (See example below.)

– The web site of the Pluralism Project (www.pluralism.org (select  Religion in the News), as well as website links in your textbook, sites such as the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the BBC are good sources for a presentation.

** Example of an issue: a company that will not allow a Muslim women to wear her
head covering to work.

Note: the issue must center around one of a religion (Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism).

2. Find other sources that pertain to this issue.

– In the presentation:

1. Present the issue.
2. Give the historical background of the issue.
3. Give the various sides of the issue.
4. Last slide a summary of the issue.

5. slide of your sources.

– You need 10 slides + summary + sources

Total= 12 PowerPoint slides.

My needs:

– Make it breif not long with lots of words in a slide EXCEPT THE SUMMARY.

– Use simple vocabulary as mush as you can.

– The due time is tonight at 9.30PM.

The time zone here is the centeral time zone “Dallas” USA, which is 17 hours remaining until the due time.

Thank you,,

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