1. Fill in the blanks with the correct term (eg. a pressure, location in the lung or chest or volume). Just before the start of inspiration the _________________ pressure is a few cmH2O pressure below atmospheric pressure and the _________________ pressure is just balanced by the intrapleural pressure. During inspiration the pressure in the ____________ is less than the pressure at the mouth, which causes air to flow into the lung. During a forced expiration the flow of air is limited by ________________ of the airways and _______________________ of the lungs. At the end of a complete forced expiration the lung volume is called _______________________.Someone is suddenly exposed to air in which the partial pressure of O2 (pO2) is only half normal pressure. Insert in the boxes the rapid changes that you would expect to see as a result of this change in oxygen. Choose only from one of the following words: stimulate, inhibit, increase, or decrease.Fall in pO2 of air —-> peripheral chemoreceptor activity_____ —-> respiration rate and depth_____ —-> ventilation (VE)____. —->. blood oxygen concentration caused by the change in VE ____.3.During exercise blood flow to active muscle is increased; explain what produces the increased local blood flow to the active tissue. What is the name given to increased blood flow through an active tissue? List three chemical mediators that are believed to be involved in generating this increased blood flow.

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