As you complete your work in this course, reflect on the outcomes below (initially listed in your course Syllabus). Consider your learning experiences with each objective. Why are these aspects critical in your career success? What recommendations would you make to improve upon these learning goals? Why?

HS499-1: Knowledge Base: Demonstrate sound foundational knowledge and an understanding of the principles of biology, chemistry, human anatomy, physiology, and disease processes as they relate to health outcomes.

HS499-2: Research Methods and Critical Thinking Skills: Demonstrate competency in medical research and inquiry using scientific methods and laboratory skills for critical thinking and problem solving in health care settings.

HS499-3: Interdisciplinary Integration: Apply principles of healthy living at the individual and community level to protect and promote optimal physical and mental health.

HS499-4: Public Health and Education: Integrate basic knowledge of the core disciplines within public health and deliver educational programs that promote public health.

HS499-5: Health Care Administration: Demonstrate an understanding of the forces impacting health delivery systems and the effective management of health care administration.

HS499-6: Ethics and Professionalism: Employ the professional, ethical, and legal standards of health care practice and interdisciplinary collaboration through leadership and community stewardship.

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