20 Discussion Posts in total: 

– raise any questions or comments about each week’s material (in the attached files), separately

– make sure to use real-world examples or cite any other source to support your questions or comments

– distribute posts approximately evenly (e.g. write 2 or 3 for each week’s material)3 attachmentsSlide 1 of 3

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HKUST ISOM 5230 1 – Fundamentals Privacy management in the digital age Reading list for lesson 1 • Gavison, Ruth E., Privacy and the Limits of Law (May 16, 2012). The Yale Law Journal, Vol. 89, No. 3 (Jan., 1980) – read 2 and 2a, pp. 428 – 440 [] • OECD Privacy Guidelines 2013 [] – read Annex Part 1 – 4, pp. 13 – 16 The study of privacy management needs the right mindset/ontology: • Positivism – the world is rational and has a single truth for each situation • Interpretivism – the world is subject to interpretation and there are multiple truths for each situation depending on perspective • The privacy world is more of an interpretivist nature and not positivist (yet there are regulatory

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