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10/30/21, 1:13 AM Quiz: Section 8.1 Section 8.1 Started: Oct 27 at 11:43pm Quiz Instructions Question 1 4 pts Given the following Venn diagram: Note: When answering the questions below, for any final answer that has up to four decimal places, enter your answer without rounding the number. For any answers with more than four decimal values, round your final answer to four decimal places. a) Calculate the probability P (A|B) =? b) Calculate the probability P (B|A) =? 1/13 10/30/21, 1:13 AM Question 2 Quiz: Section 8.1 4 pts Consider the following Venn Diagram which was constructed based on the data from a survey of 209 UNLV students : a) What is the probability that a student is taking History, but not English?(Round your answer to four decimal places before

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