1. Translate the following into GPLI:

Everyone apart from Alice likes Sydney and at least one other city.

[Note: regard this proposition as stating nothing about what Alice does, or does not,like.]

2. For the following proposition, describe

(i) a model on which it is true (and explainwhy it is true on this model), and

(ii) a model on which it is false (and explain why it isfalse on this model).

If there is no model of one of these types, explain why.∀x∀y(Rxy→(x=y∧P x∧Qy))∧¬∃x(P x∧Qx)2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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LOGIC The Drill Nicholas J.J. Smith and John Cusbert Copyright c 2012 by Nicholas Jeremy Josef Smith and John Cusbert All rights reserved Cover photograph: Alser Straße, Vienna. c Nicholas J.J. Smith 30 May 2012: first published. 29 November 2014: corrections. 16 May 2017: corrections. Preface The first part of this volume contains all the exercise questions that appear in Logic: The Laws of Truth by Nicholas J.J. Smith (Princeton University Press, 2012). The second part contains answers to almost all of these exercises. Both the questions and the answers are a collaborative effort between Nicholas J.J. Smith and John Cusbert. One obvious use of this work is as a solutions manual for readers of Logic: The Laws of Truth

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