For this topic, you will select two problems from the Chemistry: Atoms First, OpenStax text (in the link there is a book), one problem from each of the following two problem sets:

For Problem 1: You MUST select a problem from the end of the chapter “Exercises” from Chapter 3: Problems 95-100; Chapter 4: Problems 23-33; Chapter 6: Problems: 19-29.
For Problem 2: You MUST select a problem from the end of the chapter “Exercises” from Chapter 6: Problems 30-51.

These problems and their discussions will be included together in one post. After you decide which problems you would like to discuss, start a thread in the Topic Discussion. You need not fill in the content—only begin a thread with a subject line that includes your name and the problems you will be discussing. When you are ready to fill in the details of the post, you can simply go back into your post and select “Edit” and put the information into your post. By starting your post, you are claiming your problems and no other student is allowed to choose the same problems.

Notice: For this week only duplicates will be accepted. Please note that in future weeks there will be enough questions for everyone to pick their own questions and duplicates will not be accepted.

You need to:
*show work to find solution (you can use an embedded image or the ? button on the Rich Text Editor if appropriate).
*explain in the text how you approached and worked through the problem.

Ideally, you will choose problems that you had a hard time solving until something is selected (which you would then explain–what you figured out that you did wrong, etc.). Either way, you should lead a discussion about the problem. This will help everyone go through the thought process of these problems, see different ways that students set them up, compare approaches, maybe learn new strategies and hints, recognize mistakes, etc. If you cannot solve the problem at first, no worries, your classmates and myself will give you help you along and you can edit your problem until it is due. If you are having trouble, show your work and explain where you are getting stuck. Remember, you are not getting graded on whether you solve the problems correctly, but rather the attempt you make and the discussion you have with us related to it. So it will likely be more beneficial to you to select challenging problems with which you need help as opposed to easy ones that you can already solve.23 attachmentsSlide 1 of 23

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56° 100% ال جی 5:23 MB Chemistry Atoms First-LR (1).pdf – Saved E o RA Ky 8 chapiter 3 0 X > x Х 94. Write a symbol for each of the following neutral isotopes. Include the atomic number and mass number for each. (a) the chalcogen with a mass number of 125 (b) the halogen whose longest-lived isotope is radioactive (C) the noble gas, used in lighting, with 10 electrons and 10 neutrons (d) the lightest alkali metal with three neutrons 3.7 Molecular and lonic Compounds 95. Using the periodic table, predict whether the following chlorides are ionic or covalent: KCI, NC13, ICI, MgCl2, PC15, and CC14 96. Using the periodic table, predict whether the following chlorides are ionic or covalent: SiCl4, PC13, CaCl2, CsCl, CuCl2, and CrCl3. 97. For each of the following compounds, state whether it is ionic or covalent. If it is ionic, write the

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