A.  Prepare for graduation from the Health Information Management program by doing the following:

1.  Describe five steps a new graduate from the Health Information Management program should take when transitioning from being a student to an employee. 

2.  Create a seven-sentence marketing pitch for employers, including detailed information about the following components: 

 your education

 your academic experience

 your professional experience

  •  your areas of interest in the industry
  • 3.  Explain how you will uphold the AHIMA Code of Ethics.
  • B. I’ll do it 
  • C.  Write about how you will promote your own professional growth in the next three years by doing the following:

1.  Identify one professional organization you would like to become involved with.

Organization: HIMSS 

a.  Explain why you want to be involved with the professional organization you identified in part C1.

2.  Describe the type of job you would like to have in the near future, including job responsibilities and activities you would like to be engaged in.

3.  Discuss two short-term and two long-term strategies to attain your career goals.

4.  Discuss any further education or experience you may need to obtain in order to achieve your career goals.

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