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ECO 202 Project Template Economic Summary Report [Throughout this template, replace the content in the bracketed text with your own responses, and delete any bracketed instructions, including these.] [The Table of Contents and Introduction sections of your report are provided and should remain standard in all submissions.] [The placeholders for your data visualizations (e.g., charts, graphs, and tables) should be replaced with the appropriate indicated images in each case. To create an isolated image from the simulation data, it is recommended that you use a snipping tool to copy and paste your data visualizations into this template. See How to Use the Snipping Tool (Beginner’s Guide) for more information if you use a PC. A captioned version of this video is available: How to Use the Snipping Tool (Beginner’s Guide) (CC). Or, see Is There a Snipping Tool for Mac?] Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Introduction Fiscal Policies: Taxation Fiscal Policies: Government Expenditure Monetary Policies Global Context Conclusions References Introduction For the benefit of the incoming administration, I submit this report to document, analyze, and interpret the macroeconomic policy decisions I made as the chief economic policy advisor of Econland. The purpose of this document is to further our national prosperity by deepening our understanding of the relationship between macroeconomic policies and their consequences for our citizens. The report includes a thorough accounting of the major fiscal and monetary policy decisions made over each of the seven years of my term, as well as an explanation of the underlying rationales for those decisions and the resulting impacts of those policies. [Replace this area with Table 3 from your simulation report.] Table 1.1 The table above summarizes the macroeconomic climate of Econland over my term. [Add a twoto three-sentence summary specifying which underlying scenario you chose, as well as your overall performance and approval ratings as the chief economic policy advisor of Econland based on your simulation results.] Fiscal Policy: Taxation [Replace this area with an image of Table 1 from your simulation results.] Table 2.1 [Insert your responses to the following: Explain the intent of the taxation policy decisions you mad

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