Paper instructions:Projected company: Bassett Furniture

Now it’s time to put what you learned in your previous classes along with what you know about your company to work and make some predictions. Dig into the sample reports, your Corp Fin class, your Equity class, etc and create a model to predict the future.  You may want to look at several scenarios like good economy vs bad economy.  Free trade vs restricted trade.  Make sure the entire group participates in this because you eventually have to come up with a group buy/sell recommendation for the stock.

Make a prediction about the future path of the company’s earnings.

You have taken the trouble to tabulate and study the historical earnings.  Now work on predicting the future.  Use what you have found out about the company and what you know about the earnings trajectory to make your earnings predictions.  It might help to create good, neutral and bad scenarios. 

the upload files include the company financial history and risk and opportunities.

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