assignemnt requirement is very easy , i have discussion board every week ,professor will provide some materials for us (including video and reading list ) , we need to check and reading them ,and then posting some thoughts about these materials , actually is a preparatory course post my thought( no more than 150 words ) , and than i will choose another classmate’s thoughs send u , You need to comment on his thoughts ?no more than 150 words )

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Image: Hessam Seminar 2: The evolution of media Where are we? Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Module Foundational concepts 21st Century digital platforms Seminar Making and storing meaning The evolution of media Assessment; key concepts NO SEMINAR The industrialisation of meaning-making Media platforms Audience labour Participation and algorithmic culture Texts and signs Encoding/decoding NO TUTORIAL Walkthrough project Walkthrough project Walkthrough project Developing the script Texts and signs Encoding/decoding MID-SEMESTER BREAK Representation 10 11 12 13 Tutorial NO TUTORIAL Representation and power 1 Representation and power 2 Essay writing workshop NO SEMINAR Academic research for the essay Developing the essay Essay consultations NO TUTORIAL Image: Hessam

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