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Economics 2231 Perspectives on Health Economics Mini-paper 2 Worth 20/100 points Due Wed March 17 4pm (Atlantic) Write a mini-paper (no more than 5 pages, not including data charts or bibliography) about provincial differences in health behaviours of men and women. Your mini-paper must include a chart(s) using data from the annual component of the Canadian Community Health Survey, available through CANSIM. If your last name begins with the following letters, make a chart that compares health behaviours of men and women living in the provinces of: A-B: Quebec, Alberta and Newfoundland C-F: Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia G-L: New Brunswick, Manitoba and Quebec M-T: Ontario, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland U-Z: Ontario and Quebec and Nova Scotia If your B00 number ends with the following number, focus your analysis on the following

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