For this Discussion you will need to watch this video in its entirety:
and read the accompanying article.

Please think through your answers to these questions then compose your post.
Discussion Post Reaction:
After reading the article and watching the video about Miguel please think deeply about and then answer the following questions.
1.What is your reaction to Miguel’s situation? How does it differ from Brittany Maynards? (if you don’t know Brittany’s story from the text book, you can read about it here: a situation in which you think a person should have the right to choose how they die?3.Why do you think certain individuals and certain cultures have difficulty talking openly about death and dying?4.Have you ever put a pet “down” (i.e., taken it to the vet and been told that the humane thing to do is to chemically end the pet’s life)? How did this affect you and what did it teach you about dying?5.Have you thought about what you want your own “good death” to be and what you want to happen after you die? Have you shared this with anyone? (you do not need to share your personal feelings here – this question is about if you have thought about your death and talked about your death).

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