Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Psychology. It needs to be at least 1000 words.After a lengthy interview with the agency’s Deputy Director, I found out just how much of a toll order it is to keep these agencies running. They face numerous day to day challenges. It takes nerves of steel to keep these agencies ablaze.The Ray of Hope Agency takes care of the entire Village.It serves a population of about 4500 people. It has majorly employed people from the local area. There are however experts employed from all around the country who take care of the more sophisticated aspects. The agency has employed people from all walks of life, ranging from cleaners to cooks to mentors to psychologists and managers. Applicant employees are thoroughly vetted before being employed. Being a church based agency, Ray of Hope insists that its employees be God fearing. Employment is purely based on merit and dedication to Christianity.The agency has local agents who identify the Middle School Students who are most inclined towards dropping out of school and those who have recently dropped out and have not been subjected to the rigorous process of the agency. Once identified, the students are approached by a set of qualified psychologists who talk them into participating in the agency’s process. The students are then officially enrolled into the agency. A team of staff members is set out to investigate each student’s background and approach his or her parents or guardians. The team comes up with a report that explains the possible reasons for the students apparent drop out from school or inclination towards it.The students are then each counseled appropriately by experts. They are made to watch movies that touch on real life scenarios and the importance of education. The values of education are thoroughly highlighted and brainwashed into the student’s minds. They are kept free from demeaning peer pressure and bad habits like drug abuse and sexual encounters. They are convinced to enroll back in school. Working with their