Children should be cared for and nurtured well since they are not only an embodiment of future leaders and change-makers but also because they are a source of hope and inspiration. No child should face rights and freedom abuses despite his or her economic and social backgrounds. Whether a child has a disability or not, they are supposed to the protected from any form of abuse from any person. In the states of Chicago, the role of ensuring social security and protection of every child lied with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. This is because children are supposed to grow up in a safe and secure environment where they can exercise their full and unhindered freedoms (Fisher, Stoolmiller, Mannering, Takahashi & Chamberlain,2011). The state has many mandated reporters who are primarily people who by law are empowered to report any real or suspected cases of child abuse to the department officers or any other law enforcement officers. Also, the state has open communication channels through which any member of the public can report any incidences of child abuse contrary to children protection laws and policies. A social worker plays a very crucial role in the process of adopting a child in the State of Chicago. The first role that they play is to conduct a background check of the family due to adopt the child. This assessment is meant to ensure that no child is given to a family that is not capable of protecting them as required by the State laws (Brodzinsky,2011). Before adoption, the adoptive family must be able to demonstrate its capacity and willingness to take up the child’s responsibilities and to guard them. It is the work of specialized social workers to ensure this minimum basic requirement of adopting families are met. For example, the social worker should evaluate whether the family to adopt the child is aware of some of the stereotypes and cultural connotations that may come with adoption. This is because if they are not aware of such

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