Adolescence normally depicts the changes that occur between ages 13 and 19. This age can be viewed as the transitional stage from adolescence to adulthood. In any case, the physical and mental changes that happen in pre-adulthood can begin prior, amid the years (ages 9 through 12). Pre-adulthood can be a period of both confusion and revelation. This transitional period can raise issues of freedom and self-character; numerous teenagers and their companions confront extreme decisions with respect to schoolwork, sexuality, medications, liquor, and social life (Ginsburg, 2017). Peer gatherings as well as sentimental interests are usually high during this period.  It is also at this age in which most people are able to rediscover themselves as far as their future career is concerned.  In this paper therefore, I delve to my own experiences as a teenager. The paper shall also cover how the experiences have shaped my life.

The changes I experienced as an adolescent were enormous. First and foremost I will begin the psychological change. As an adolescent I started to look for an identity as well as independence. I begun being inquisitive about my inner self. I wanted to know what life had for me. I wanted to make my own decisions as opposed to the previous years where I relied upon on my parents on what to do. As such, I developed an inquisitive mind where I interpreted things differently from my parents. I chose my own friends who I thought exhibited behavior which was consistent with my ethos.  I did not want my parents to buy personal belongings for me. This is because I believed I was big enough to make my own decisions. This could sometimes result in quarrels with my mother. I also did not want to be accompanied to school by my parents as I saw this as being a kid.

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