Students will be expected to type at least4 pages(not counting Works Cited/References or Title pages) but no more than 5one and a half spaced pages. The term paper will count as 20% of your overall grade . NO LATE papers will be accepted (except in cases of emergency or other pre-approved reasons where a legitimate credibledocumentedexcuse is provided via email).ALL SOURCES MUST BE CITED IN THE BODY OF THE PAPER FOR ALL FACTS, STATS, QUOTES, DATES, ETC. ALONG WITH A WORKS CITED PAGE – STYLE IS YOUR CHOICE!IF NO SOURCES ARE CITED IWILL NOT ACCEPT THE PAPER!!! Length, grammar/spelling/sentence structure, content, sources, citations, and most importantly, creative/analytical thinking, will determine your grade towards this term paper; I particularly look for how well you demonstrate critical thought towards your topic. Options for topics are the following sochoose just ONE!* Research a specific public policy issue (examples: trade, health care, domestic programs, taxes, foreign affairs with particular country, etc. – anything pertinent in the national news) that you think is very important for today’s American national government to address and discuss background, pros/cons, etc. while backing up any of your own arguments with strong evidence.OR* Select a major political philosopher in history (e.g. Aristotle, DeTocqueville, Locke, Montesquieu, etc.) and provide your own account of how they have contributed to America’s political development and perhaps still influence some American political thought or processes today whether it’s how American institutions were setup/behave, political culture/beliefs, or any other related topic that might particularly concern American politics today. Do not just focus on their historical roots, etc. but more on contribution to American political thought.OR* The country’s current political/cultural status as observed by one of our nation’s Founders (your choice; e.g. Jefferson, Franklin, or 50 others) written in their voice – tie in their background, any quotes, stances on pertinent issues (e.g. federalism, role of government), etc.OR* A thought piece on a pre-approved (by instructor) government-themed movie or documentary that will entail further research on its veracity along with your own analysis/creative critique on various (sub)topics portrayed or discussed.

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