American Microeconomics and Policies


The ability of people to acquire and easily purchase products from the different markets is made possible following the provisions and regulations that have been successfully put in place by governments and other ruling authorities. Essentially, governments have become responsible for ensuring that the public is able to access and acquire goods with ease. However, the private sector also plays a significant role in the provision and distribution of goods and services to the advantage of the consumers. Nonetheless, there are differences between the service as offered by the public sector and the private sector. It is therefore essential to be able to distinguish the services as provided by each sector. The governments are critical in the management of the marketplace and thus, their contribution has to be duly analyzed. Areas of social safety, market failure and the externalities will form part of this paper’s discussion with reference to the involvement of the governments and the recently passed policies surrounding social safety with regard to the immigration of immigrants through America’s southern border. The discussion on border security will form part of the conclusion.

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